Chokter Chöchö

The Chokter Chöchö, The Chokling Tersar Prayer Book, stands as an indispensable compilation of all the vital practice liturgies within the Chokling Tersar tradition. Encompassing more than 1700 pages, it offers a comprehensive array of essential Chokling Tersar prayers and practices, spanning across guru, deva, dakinis, dzogchen, dharmapalas, confession, and dedications. This monumental work serves as an imperative companion for practitioners dedicated to the Chokling Tersar.

Since 2014, when Phakchok Rinpoche voiced the aspiration for students to access an English-language compilation of all the pivotal practice liturgies within the Chokling Tersar tradition, the Samye Translations team has come together under Rinpoche’s guidance to realize this endeavor. Our efforts have been generously supported by other senior translators. After an unceasing decade of translation and refinement, the completion of the Chokter Chöchö draws tantalizingly near.

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