Sponsor a Translation

Samye Translations’ core mission is to preserve and disseminate the Dharma by translating Buddhist practices and teachings, making them accessible both online and in print. While we translate texts from all Buddhist traditions, ancient and modern, our primary focus is on supporting followers of the Profound Treasures of Chokgyur Lingpa (Chokling Tersar) by providing essential study and practice materials. As the full scope of the Chokling Tersar is quite massive, a large potion of these treasure teaching have yet to be translated. If you wish to sponsor the translation of one of these untranslated Chokling Tersar texts, please contact us at [email protected].

Note that the availability of this translation service depends on the length of the text, the availability of our translators, and funding. Therefore, we cannot guarantee all requests will be completed, but wanted to extend this offer with the hopes of assembling the conditions for more of these profound teachings to be made accessible.

Alternatively, you can support our ongoing translation efforts by becoming a patron through monthly donations or by making a one-time donation using the donate buttons.

All donations and proceeds fund further projects and support our mission to make the teachings of the precious guru and lineage masters available to students worldwide.