༄༅། །སྣང་བ་མཐའ་ཡས་ཀྱི་ཞིང་སྦྱོང་སྒོམ་གྲོལ།

Liberation Through Training in the Realm of Amitabha, Boundless Light

Jamgön Kongtrul Lodrö Thaye

This concise ritual for cultivating the pure realm of Amitabha was arranged by Jamgön Kongtrul Lodrö Thaye based on Chokgyur Lingpa’s Amitabha sadhana from the “Essence Manual of Oral Instructions” (Zheldam Nyingjang). The practice forms the sixth of eleven modes of liberation in Kongtrul’s Wondrous Ocean: An Elucidation of the Application of the Eleven Modes of Liberation of the Sambhogakaya, Tamer of Beings.

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