༄༅། །འཆི་མེད་ཚེའི་གནས་མཆོག་བྲག་ཕུག་མཱ་ར་ཏི་ཀའི་ངེས་བརྗོད་དབྱངས་ཅན་དགྱེས་པའི་ཏམ་བུ་ར་ཞེས་བྱ་བ་བཞུགས་སོ། །

Melodious Tambura of Delight: A Guide to Maratika Cave, Supreme Site of Immortality

Kyapje Chatral Rinpoche

Kyapje Chatral Rinpoche wrote this brief guide to the sacred Maratika cave at the request of his daughter, Semo Sarasvati. In a series of verses, he describes the significance of this powerful place of longevity—the “destroyer of death” is the literal meaning of its name—where Guru Padmasambhava and Lhacham Mandarava attained immortality.

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