༈ ལེའུ་བདུན་མ།

Le’ü Dünma

revealed by Tulku Zangpo Drakpa and Rikdzin Gödemchen

The Le’ ü Dün Ma, The Prayer in Seven Chapters, holds a special place as one of the most cherished invocations of the Mahaguru, remaining a central practice for numerous eminent masters since its original revelation. This prayer encompasses seven profound supplications that were entrusted by the Mahaguru to his five heart-disciples: Namkhé Nyingpo, Dharma King Trisong Detsen, Khandro Yeshé Tsogyal, Nanam Dorjé Dudjom, and Prince Mutri Tsenpo.

During the twelfth month of the Male Fire Horse Year in 766, these five devoted disciples gathered at the Glorious Samyé Monastery to offer an expansive ganachakra ceremony to the Mahaguru. Each disciple sought a prayer, and in response, the Mahaguru bestowed upon them the initial six prayers. The seventh and concluding prayer, known as the Sampa Lhundrupma (The Prayer to Guru Rinpoche that Spontaneously Fulfills All Wishes), was bestowed upon Prince Mutri Tsenpo as a parting testament by the Mahaguru, atop the Gungthang pass.

Centuries later, in the Water Dragon Year, 1352, Tulku Zangpo Drakpa revealed the Le’ü Dün Ma at the Rulak Gyang, and entrusted it to Rikdzin Gödem, who deciphered it from the dakini script.

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